Absinthe Twilight

by Night's Bright Colors

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Intro 01:31
Autumn Hill 01:26
I’m going down An autumn hill A shade that's falling Warm winds calling I went down An autumn hill Shadows in corners Maybe you could stay Hearts tremble now Lights fading out Twilight is coming Lights fading fast I went down
Nocturne #3 03:00
The blankets of a setting sun Close to tears that disappear A million miles away from one Chance of sleep tonight Lay awake to count the stars That come out wide eyed The light that flutters on the wall Slowly moving closer to the door Like a lazy wave That drags itself to shore And voices in the hall Whisper all the different ways They think a star could fall The light that flutters on the wall
The Moon 01:07
IV 01:26
Candle 01:54
I watched a dream Disappear today Like a storm swept sea The tide has turned away You're a candle in the rain A warm hope's embrace Footsteps to trace In wonder I’ve wandered the stars The sky is open now Dawn breaks awake Behind your eyes a smile That slides like a sea It rolls up inside The same cold terrain That dear, I’ve seen, I believe
VII 01:40
VI 00:58
The Moth 02:08
Shroud 01:08
Here are eyes that follow you The silence through the hall Near the light late afternoon Its dying soon The wall's the gravesite I thought I saw darkened figure Coming closer to deliver Arms outstretched the nightmare's swimming Lights collide the stars are dimming Bless your sweet eyes Covered now It's coming down The shroud
Here comes the storm Here comes the storm Clouds roll in Warm rain begins Here comes the storm Here comes the storm
V 01:43
Lanterns 02:00
Winter Year 00:50
The nights are getting longer dear The evening light will disappear Will you sing us a song Before the light is gone? The nights are getting colder here Brings another winter year Will you sing us a song Before the day is done?
I 02:01
II 01:32
Twilight 01:25
III 01:33
All the day Circle light around your dress like a son He's gone away To let you find It’s hide and seek and you're the one Like a ship of waves Or a tail of nine lives Nothing left to save Quiet makes The way you feel precise In the crush of perfect warmth Fragile takes Of flashing light Signals from a distant storm The sky in the half light Last breath left to breathe Everything is all right


After releasing three albums of song oriented indiepop, this collection was originally intended to be a standalone project of sparser folk material. Focusing on different instrumental textures (acoustic guitar, organs, drones, quiet percussion), song fragments, both vocal and instrumental, this current song list collects the best of the original three 'Absinthe' discs (Absinthe Twilight, Absinthe Mourning, and The Flowers Of Evil).

"Pure isolationism, no time to party, - it is a melancholic cycle of ambient melodies, a continuous quiet poetic introspection, - lonely bedroom atmospheres, the stars in a clear nocturnal sky - relaxing and silently are the reading key of these little gems, - where their strenght is marked by their own mesmerising beauty." -Komakino


released October 21, 2009

music by jason smith
cover by fletcher comer


all rights reserved



Night's Bright Colors Asheville, North Carolina

Night’s Bright Colors is the recording project of Asheville musician Jason Smith. Active since 2003, NBC has released 8 albums and 3 EPs of original music that combine elements of pop, electronic, folk, classical, and experimental music. Palette, a career retrospective containing 12 newly remastered tracks from previous albums, was released in the Fall of 2017. ... more

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