Fin And Pier

by Night's Bright Colors



Night's Bright Colors #7


released February 14, 2017

songs by jason smith except "Japanese Lanter 1" by Vickie Burick and jason smith
cover: paul schatell

vickie burick: vocals on "Every Wish", "This Means War", Japanese Lantern 1", and "Silver"
lauren brown: violin, cello, string arrangements


all rights reserved



Night's Bright Colors Asheville, North Carolina

Night's Bright Colors is the recording project of Asheville, NC-based musician Jason Smith.


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Track Name: Every Wish
Sweeps the storm in
Upon the seaside town
Brings a curtain grey
Covering a summer day
Like a worn lens
That you turn upside down
Rings a certain truth
That changes with your point of view
From the wet sand
To the nearing pier
Cuts a single shape
Quickening a winged escape
Upon the shore stands
A glimpse appearing near
And casts from her hand
Every wish in her command
Bit by bit by…
Trip through the warm wind
past all Punic faith
beyond the bidding prayer
a passing bell to every care
So sweep the storm in
and with a feathered weight
breathe sweet relief
a cast away
complete release
Track Name: This Means War
There’s going to be some trouble after school
There’s going to be a challenge to the rule
Like a can that some kid stops kicking around
Forgets and trips and suddenly takes you down
Like a fool that finally figured it out
Shadow boxing with a shadow of a doubt
We’re going to deal and strike all the things you said
It’s going to feel like rockets through your head
Like the walls that are lit with locker room lies
Catch an eye when it’s catching you by surprise
Don’t count your blessings when they’re blessings in disguise
Cutting eyes when they’re cutting you down to size
All the walls fall like a ton of bricks
A free for all of every dirty trick
5 aces riding up my sleeve
Blank faces that you can’t believe
Scars and stars in your field of view
Reservoirs out of the blue
Of course you know that this means war
You’re getting what you’re asking for
Track Name: Japanese Lantern 1
Down to the water’s edge
Canopy blinks overhead shimmering
Sand under sleeping feet
Secret plans are bittersweet picturing
Voices coming from the yard
Hidden trails we know by heart appearing
Back to the climbing tree
Shining like a memory clearly
Colored lanterns on the porch
Glowing like a clouded torch through the haze
Cross my heart and hope to try
Stillness sings a lullaby always
Track Name: Secret Smile
It comes in waves you recognize the sound it makes
When you feel its falling down
With the scented summer rain
A soft parade of light
That bends the flight of a casual line
Try to spend the right kind of valuable time
There’s a place the city dreams of ocean side
And moonlit miles
There’s a face so pretty lonely seeks to hide
A secret smile and
I can see you brave against the sparkle of life
Why cut ties that bind a philosophical Knife
Luck defends the promise that you try to break
And makes it strong
A trip against the fortune that you try to make
And makes it wrong
A fine cruise feels and falls and oh what a surprise
Its time to seal the wall on what the lottery buys
Track Name: Pollenaise
On the waves
And closer
A beautiful dream to stay
An angel sighs
From over
To bring a summer shade
Track Name: Silver
Born with a spoon
Over the moon
And under a sign
Deep the pockets reach
Refined and top of the line
Feather your nest
With only the best
A sparkling wine
Palms which
Consistently itch
With a shiver down the spine
First in for the penny then in for the pound
Lapels and tails suit the proper fit
Loyalty to royalty can anyone really tell
If it’s witless charm or charmless wit?
First in for then penny then in for the crown
Eyes comprise a practiced diamond glint
Obedience to expedience can anyone really tell
If it’s to make a kill or make a mint
Track Name: Minnow
Calm down quiet in the shallow lay
The hypnotizing soft array
Fall down shadows as they wash away
Between the light begin to play (minnow)
Something’s going to happen anyway
Feel it as a heart’s stone weight
Track Name: Japanese Lantern 2
Light anticipating the dawn
Eagerly and with careful hands
We’re on tiptoe, we’re on tiptoe and then gone
The shadows as they silently fall
Secretly and dizzying
To slip below the undertow and recall
A thousand suns around your face
A winter moves through summer’s place
Off the fence and out on a limb
A bittersweet picturing
Remembering the shimmering light
Summer’s play is starting to spin
Around around the merry go
The first return and then it burns as bright
Leading to the saddest delight
A thousand suns and all you see
Shining like a memory
Track Name: Sunsetbathers
Night falls down on the day again
Onto veil a dying sun
Lights come out on the bay again
Just before the day is done
To roll back and fold back the waves
Time, tide, and I slow slip away
A wide eyed dream’s quiet ending
As the stars blink out the name
A soft moonbeam’s hazy bending
Across the half light came
To roll back and fold back the waves
The blue, the view, and you slow slip away
Track Name: Autumn Vision
Late afternoon watch the window shading
Just before the storm and fading light, the light
See the leaves in their endless orbit
Last time they spin before they’ll fly then soft collide
Hidden voices distant in the yard
Cold hands to warm a colder heart
Eleven years and the streets are changing
Every wish and rearranging time, I don’t mind
All the fears and the indecision
Disappear in an autumn vision, sight, second life
Infant voice and instantly a part
New hands to warm an older heart

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