First Set Fire To The Stars [2016 Remaster]

by Night's Bright Colors



Night's Bright Colors #2

"Excellent indie-pop, very intimate songcraft, whispered boy vocals, a shy sense of folk poetry" -Komakino

"Hypnotic" -Russel's Reviews


released October 14, 2008

songs by jason smith
recorded by matthew mauney
cover by paul schattel

lauren brown: violin
josh rhinehart: bass, trumpet
addison brown: drums
darren stroup: drums


all rights reserved



Night's Bright Colors Asheville, North Carolina

Night's Bright Colors is the recording project of Asheville, NC-based musician Jason Smith.


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Track Name: Eastern Thought
I know where we could begin
With the stolen moment that you’re in
On the other side of love
Far from what you’re dreaming of
You could burn a candle, catch the light
Make a wish, and follow through
At the end of everything,
You always do what’s been done to you

Life spins around you a flashing light
Paint your pictures in the dark
There’s a light behind your eyes
And it shivers with the stars

Throw your arms around your cares and hold your fingers tight
There are words that break your bones that only come at night
You steal a shadow’s breath a slip away, quiet on the wing
And take the diamond shards, a memory the early morning brings

Life spins around you the light and dark
Give it hope where there should be none
There’s a light behind your heart
And it sparkles like the sun
Track Name: Little Lies
Little lies of a true false nature you can bend
Bitter tries too soon I bet you're going to spend
All your time moving around your town
They say goodbye when you come around
If you're never lost then you'll never be found
All your day you spend your money on a debt
A winner's trade that's only hanging by a thread
They tell me that you've lost your nerve
You never had it from what I’ve heard
Quiet desperation from the second word go
There's a cost to the lost-cause order you defend
And the boss of a holy-roller I intend
To put them back all the things you took
A crooked smile with a sideways look
I can read your cover like an open book
Like the voice of a lost child crying in the woods
There's a choice and a conversation that you could
Save an image that is black and blue
But all you tried was trite and true
There's a final bell and it rings for you
Track Name: Collide
You stole this heart of mine
It beats no second time
One cold alone forgotten day
In the most casual way
A strand of hair across my face
In an otherwise crowded place
The trace you left a fragrant spill you tried to hide I keep it still
Many years have passed away
It took too long to say
And you were gone before you heard
And took the breath that formed the words
Since that night I’ve had to wait
Wondering if it’s too late
To say the stars that hide and steer you
Collide when I am near you
And anyone can tell you have eyes so soft they hardly ever see
And it just might be that the world adores you
Track Name: One Star Saint
Crushed between, only in a dream
Oh when the thought caressed me
Touched my eye, caught me by surprise
But then like a bomb you dropped me
You are the one star saint
Always coming around
With secrets that you found
You could stop the day
With the lovely way
You wink and tear apart
Before it even starts
Pillow winds, everything depends
On how misunderstood your smile is
Hopes that fly and shift against the sky
Remind me of the time before this
Finding ways of slowly keeping pace
The clouds give depth to the sky
Brings a tear then familiar fear
Absence makes your hear too shy
Track Name: This Romance
With your heart in your hands
That kind of grip is hard to find
The girl that cries with the heaven stained eyes every night
If you had to do it all again
The choices that were mine
Would you feel the same or try to forget your name try another life
Well I’m still thinking of

I can’t get you out of my head just plain design
Can’t breathe, weak knees, walking down your street
Every moonlit night I’m trying to see it all
The color your hair, I stare, and stay this great divide
I hear those strings and my heart sings
Every line I mean I’m dying to see you all

I remember the day we met
And how you stood against the line
I could spell every last detail like a crime
You were stealing all
You carried my heart away
When you said your second line
A smile in place lighting up my face
And now I just follow you
Track Name: Southern Town
It’s a far drive to a southern town
Just to bide your time in a southern town
You’ll find your face in a southern town
But mind your place in the southern town

A voice that will follow through
A choice that comes back to you
Every plan you put away with all you said to me
Save it for another day but I can’t let you be

A plan to walk to a southern town
Can’t stand the talk in a southern town
Track Name: Portland
And my surprise and delight was clear when you called today
You could picture my amazement and frame it from 400 miles away
And the rain on your face, a trace of some forgotten tear
And the skies are grey, they'll stay until you find me here

There’s a kind of feeling you know so well between your smile and tears
You find the weight of detail and you tell it before it disappears
And if the weather would change for you there’ll be another choice to make
You’re writing empty pages, a book about the promise I will break to see You
Track Name: Change The Colors
The weight upon the world that keeps you down
Is all around
It's light and like the veil you're lifting now
Just like you found it

The things that take you by surprise
(before you start realize)
And try to walk in a new light
(toss the coin and one more try)
Throw the dime and cast your lot with me
Wearing out your heart on broken sleeves
Tie your wrist to me the callers watch the sea

To be the captain when the sea is calm
Is all wrong
And casting glances when the line is strong
To keep the song

The thing that takes your heart and hides it
(before you start realize)
Watching storms in teacups start and rise
(toss the coin and one more try)
Its play the game of giving what you get
And the day is what you make of it
Tie your wrist to me the callers watch the sea
Oh analyze all our lies
Track Name: Blue Eyes/Love In The Asylum
From far away, still like diamonds,
These blue eyes shining for you
And every day you try to find them
But something hides them from view
You know there was a time, a faded memory
Before the pills, and halls, and bells
Now the world is night and calming fantasy
And full of stories I can’t tell

The bars and gates in windows keep us in and put away
The stars are drifting, brightly shining through the spaces anyway
And I’ll find a way to turn it back in wonder
Save your pills at night and hide
Now it’s time for the next one
Across the hall I hear your voice and as I whisper
The faces on the wall disappear and scatter
And I’ll find a way to turn it back in wonder
He’s coming back to see, quiet now
It’s time for the next one
The golden moment that the twilight mirror named
Into the evening window soft the half light came
Paints like stained glass, red, yellow, gold, and green
And makes instead the world something from your dream
Track Name: 10pm Delirium
Staring them down
The stars that come out at night
Catching the ray the light upon skin
Memories of moons
From a thousand and one fears ago
The trip to your room
To let it begin
Soft smiles and teeth
Scuttle and scatter
Sway from your feet
To proceed along
Past hanging sheets
The clothes lines and gold mines
Of transparent heat
And slow motion songs

Stay awake, why feel, the next time hoping to see
The same weight, its high still, the next find, hey hey hi

Wind sweeps the day
That forever binds hand to heart
Admiring the way
The shutters all spin
Outside the world
Is slowly breathing alive
Open the grey
And let it all in

Like leaves, pre-storm, that fall down to flutter again
The white trees, free form all around
Track Name: Heaven-proof/Inverness
Like the way the snow is falling down you’re falling now to sleep
(the blowing and calming the winds begin to fall, the winter softly calls “you’re home now”)

Lonely winter in the distance
Try to find a way to listen
The snow falling in the clearing
A different way and softly hearing
(no one around, the dead leaf echoes to the ground)
The dead leaf finally is blowing
To find a different kind of knowing
The snow is breaking through the branches
The different ways of taking chances
(and all I’ve seen has fallen from a dream)
I can watch the way you leave
And finally believe

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