Late Bloomer [2016 Remaster]

by Night's Bright Colors

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Night's Bright Colors 5th album and return to form after experimenting with the Absinthe Twilight project. This album is the 3rd in the "Progression Of Night" series.

"Late Bloomer tempers its experimentations with more familiar indie-pop offerings. The writing, throughout, is thoughtful and even at the heaviest moments, Late reveals little true aggression. Moments of reverb-charged angst are followed by passages of acoustic strings and gently-thrumming beats that propel the song cycle along." -Alli Marshall


released September 21, 2012

music: Jason Smith
cover: Jamie Parker



all rights reserved


Night's Bright Colors Asheville, North Carolina

Night's Bright Colors is the recording project of Asheville, NC-based musician Jason Smith.


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Track Name: Don't Follow
Tracing this one track down
Whispered voices bringing you down
Every night spent driving around
Looking for something you can’t say
Pack your poison head for the coast
Trading open arms for open roads
Slowly turn yourself into a ghost
And then you find yourself on your way, your way
“Don’t follow” is coming back to me
Quiet my heart and I’ll bite my tongue
And leave the things that you left undone
And every star that follows the sun
With sparkles spelling out your name, your name
“Don’t follow” is coming back to me
Track Name: Good Bet, Goodbye
There’s a certain kind of ease
In wearing your heart out on your sleeve
Like a promise you know you can’t believe
It’s gone good bet, good bye, good baby maybe
Gone good bet goodbye, good bet goodbye
A photograph, an aging smile
A fashion address that’s out of style
Running away to wait awhile
Chose most everything that harms me
And everything alarms me a song without a sound
Ghost those little things that haunt me
Only that you want me when I am not around
Track Name: The Wave That Lost The Sea
In the mind, the diamond slip, reflections of a time when
Picture painted words come back to me
A time to race aboard the ship, born to feel the wild wind
No arms hold me now, my thoughts are free
And then to rise, ha ha surprise
The wave that lost the sea
A minor key, a dancing air, a trip aboard to new lands
Crashing waves around the sail-like wing
Far away, the little room, removed from all that I see
Picture painted words, my heart still sings
And then to rise, ha ha surprise
The wave that lost the sea
Track Name: Seconds
There’s a feeling in the air and if you’re going there, remember it to me
Some place sometime ago, I thought that you should know, it’s where I learned to be
The thought that I had found, I’d follow you tomorrow if I could only leave
A child that never knows, the feelings never show
The day that breaks just like a heart you go
The thought that I had found, there’s autumn on the ground, it changes everyday
Trace the time in sand and try to understand when all things passed away
There’s a color in your eyes and I can see tomorrow you’re coming back and then
Play hide and seek with time, and stay with your own kind
And I could never see you again
Now there’s something in the way, all the seconds fly away only to heaven go
Unheard and no repent and all the time that we spent to make a lovely show
At night to say a prayer, the feeling of tomorrow could be like yesterday
But once the day is done, the time spent in the son
Is all I hope you’ll want to take away
Track Name: Moment Of Clarity
I feel it now
I’m feeling now
It stopped somehow
And I’ll try next time
Track Name: Late Bloomer
Try to hide your crying eyes
Soft you weep then off to sleep
The moon hangs low and spreads across the sky
Reflected stars sparkle in your eye
Shadows filling the hall
Changing shapes appear on your wall
Comets race and leave no trace
Slow the town is closing down
Disappearing for another day
Sleep and dream of something else to say
Every moment counts in the night
The scene will hide before daylight
Track Name: That's How The Other Half Sleeps
First you find your high law the current hypocrisy
Close the blind eyes trained not to see
When you’re climbing over them somewhere in the world
It’s a long way down, don’t drop your crown on me
Decide what your life is worth in a day
You find it all the same, sizing up your every gain
Cold shadow and fever sweat in the night
Mind wracked with doubt, cover your head to shut it out
You start the day by saying no
Next you find your high love hypo critic currency
You claim it all and how to fake a fall
When you’re laughing over them, watching and wait to see
What you’ll do, someone’s back is to you
Decide what your life is worth in a day
You find it all the same, sizing up your every gain
Cold shadow and fever sweat in the night
Mind wracked with doubt, cover your head to shut it out
You start the day by saying no
Track Name: Anhedonia
I wouldn’t have noticed all day but something in your eye
I knew at second sight that you’d come out tonight
And chance a dance or disco leave the rest inside
Go catch the world in slideshow under fluorescent light
Our way out of
Our way out of here
I had a feeling all day, the morning spent the same way
The job that gives the same pay, that sums up in the night
So put on all your makeup, and everything you think of
the temporary change of life for just tonight
Our way out of
Our way out of here
Track Name: Brave
Peace now, soon to sleep
Breathe out, it’s all you need
How soon the time flies away
Years ago come back to me
You should know just one thing
You held my heart
From the start
In the room the lights are soon to fade away
One thing in mind and you’re so kind to stay
But I was young and I was brave in mind
Following the voice I heard in time I found you too