Late Night By Lamplight [2016 Remaster]

by Night's Bright Colors

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Night's Bright Colors 3rd album and 2nd in the "Progression Of Night" series.

"...the gorgeous stand out track Bottle Scars. It has delightful finger picked guitars and whispered vocals, its Simon & Garfunkel updated with tender care. Late Night is a satisfied but world weary sigh, which closes a fine album." -Russell's Reviews


released March 20, 2009

music: Jason Smith

Josh Rhinehart: bass, trumpet, guitar
Paul Schattel: accordion, percussion
Darren Stroup: drums
Mike Alexander: bass



all rights reserved


Night's Bright Colors Asheville, North Carolina

Night's Bright Colors is the recording project of Asheville, NC-based musician Jason Smith.


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Track Name: Blush
I wanted to say before you leave
don’t wear your heart out on your sleeve
keep it safe and hide it on the side
they say the rain is colder there
skies are grey this time of year
clouds that never rush from the first blush
keep your secrets safe with me
and take mine with you across the sea
lock them up to find, for the next time
landing with the city lights
diamond shards against the night
everything you’re shown on the way home
Track Name: The Popular Girl
You made an entrance of extraordinary intent, elegant and so refined
Caught every heart up in your waving hand and in the end you know it those that you’ll leave behind
Who scramble around your court to bring you to your crown
And then it all falls down
You spent a long time with the thought of leaving the life that you’ve gorgeously defined
So polish every crack and darkened corner of a well-bred, well-kept, well-spent mind
And every silver lining also has a cloud
You slowly slip to now

this picture paints a thousand words apparently you've never heard that most of all the world loves you
and all the girls they wish they were but why are you so popular? it must be something that you do
birds of a feather flock together, so say them all, and there is room forever up against their wall

oh you are a mystery the kind of girl plays hide-and-seek with feelings and securities,
you dance where angels fear to tread, you shock the world and go to bed, the ends justify the means, never judge a book by its cover, at least till it's over, and then you discover you're right anyway...

"enjoy every moment" they say with a laugh but suppress the smile
the coy opponents of everything you are, your heart, your style

idle hands the devil rules, and fashions into jealous tools that seek to undermine your kind,
but no one believes that you'll fall, because you're just above it all, and out of sight is out of mind,
birds of a feather flock together, so say them all, but there is room forever up against their wall
Track Name: Late Night By Lamplight
In the room the lights begin to dim
(there are shadows on the ceiling)
You can draw a line across your skin
(map the contours of your feelings)
Close your eyes until the sunlit skies
So wrong, so long
Track Name: Minor Love Story
what a life this is finding out how to feel
through lonely lessons
and don’t you find it strange, the way you rearrange your hands
to count your blessings
we’re caught up in a dream, so quiet at the seam
a word would break it
lonely in a crowd, breaking thoughts out loud
I’ll use a smile to fake it
and now I’m wide awake, I find there are no surprises left
now I’m wide awake
I was shuffling through the world without heart without hope
when I saw you
recall a rainy day and every sad cliché
that I can scrape through
felt it everywhere, static in the air
your palms were open
and still I can’t believe, there’s someone else like me
a little broken
now I’m wide awake, there’s always some surprise
now I’m wide awake
Track Name: Shining Moment
There’s a shining moment when
The day calms down and night begins
A single star wakes in the sky
A perfect time to say goodbye
Good night, Goodbye
Track Name: Turn Your Thoughts
once you found the perfect space the only place you long to be
now it's gone you don't know where it's only there in memory you find
turn your thoughts back to the time
open hearts that shined
now you build a house of sand that barely stands on what you feel
falling walls shift everyday more falls away to reveal remind
turn your thoughts back to the time
open hearts that shined
Track Name: Lightsleeper
So much it seems the path’s unmade
The lantern sparkles near
The light begins to fade
It’s always quiet here
I can see you once again
In your starry bed
Wishing I could speak
But listening instead

So long we kept ourselves awake
Deep into the night
The dawn begins to break
The early morning light
And I see you go away
To be alone again
I almost start to say
But stop myself and then
After the evening fell
Track Name: Family House
From the backseat the open road
That falls away with every post
You turn around to see
The family house you have to leave

And all the things you wanted to say
Twist and come out some different way
You ask your mom to please
Take you back to where you know so well
It still comes in dream
Track Name: Kiss Kiss Oh
lonely days hanging around
thoughts and arguments bringing me down
the way we miss each other and high anxiety
the way you see the forest that's blind to the trees
is there no end to the pettiest things?
you have to be the one with the prettiest rings
I could come around if I saw it in you
the slightest hint of feeling that you wanted me to
it never really works that way

tell me tell me kiss kiss oh, try it and see
we're not dancing hard steps like we could be
one way, highway, no time, your way and I say goodbye

lonely days hanging around
distracting myself to quiet the sound
try to understand my anxiety
I guess I’m never where you want me to be
it never really works our way
Track Name: Bottle Scars
take the medal down
to the dying sound
of all the things that I once dreamed
none left to me
the traces in between, that I can’t see
make this fading light take this fading life

you said ‘shall we dance’?
and brought this final chance
to show me a world of love
was not enough
cause I can never be what I want to be
awake to fading light, take this fading life
Track Name: Late Night
Late night I’m walking past your door
Some song I must have heard before
Is spinning around my head as I look up to see
You send down a whisper to me

I could stay all night under a starry sky
Or I could sing in the rain just dreaming how I may
Catch your silhouette cut across the window shade
To think I had it made