Recessive Traits EP

by Night's Bright Colors



originally included with the first pressing of "First Set Fire To The Stars"


released March 20, 2017

songs by jason smith

kevin stanford: guitar, additional vocals
josh rhinehart: bass


all rights reserved



Night's Bright Colors Asheville, North Carolina

Night's Bright Colors is the recording project of Asheville, NC-based musician Jason Smith.


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Track Name: Woke Up
Woke up above a deep blue summer day
We’re swimming in the golden rays
Like lights caught in the clouds
Don’t stop we’ll catch the stars like fireflies
We’ll cast the net across the skies
We’re slowly floating down
Shine rings around the sun
Time and space undone

Woke up I was counting angels on your head
While you were dreaming in the bed
And find it doesn’t end
The gold cup watering the holy ground
The tears are shimmering the oldest sound
The kingdom that’s within
Shine rings around the sun
Space and time undone
Track Name: Catacombs
I stand
An unknown continent
The palest hand I know
The air is different here

Foreign land
Afar off monument
Pyramids cut silhouettes
Against a thousand year old sky

Time stands
A windswept distant call
The desert dries a thousand tears
And ancient scars are healed
Shallow sands
Passing through the days
Centuries ago
There lived a good man
Track Name: Grey
I’ll tell you of all the random searching hearts yours follows me
We could go back to where it started, places I’d rather be
The sun will dim the stars
You’ll stay where you are
If you ever need to feel the blame binding
And if you think the world is fully changed, find me
And find it’s all the same

Last night I heard your voice inside a dream calling me
Colliding thoughts of hope and sorrow still beside me
Begins and slowly ends
I’ll stay where I am
If you ever need to feel the pain of trying
And if you think the world’s a bright lit day, find me
And find it colored grey
Track Name: Our Sky
I’ve been waiting so long
I can't decide what's the link
What you think is wrong or right
Every time I sift for clues from you
They're hard to find
Disconnect emotion here
And all the interesting lies appear
Intersecting voices pause
And then describe a simpler time

What's done is always done
The winners think they haven't won
And so do I keep a hope alive?
You drop a dream to watch it fall
And I’m the first against the wall
The question's raised and it stays
Can you incite another try?

Corbiere from battered books
(I saw you and fared thee well)
Form the things that gather all the dirty looks
(time to seek our sky)
Warm seas and cold winds braced to remind
Simple shelters are hard to come by
(you saw me and fared me well)
Found the things that kept you so out of mind
(time to seek a time)
Place your bets before they spend
And buy your time

We're always racing the hardest path
And cut the corners much to fast
And I can't rely
On quiet promises that were made
With the thought of a winner's trade
And I’ve got more than enough of those lies
To keep me occupied
Track Name: Dark Summer
Rex Gloriae Domine
Lux perpetua, Lux aeterna

The azure sky
Of deepest summer
Can’t erase
the thoughts I’ve had all year
Or bring the slightest cheer
There were days
In colder weather
I believed
We’d soon see better times
With happiness defined

But oh, and the sea begins to speak,
“Call my name, love, to bring you home”
My iron will is getting weak
From the voices from above

On the beach
The waves come rolling
Into me
Lull my eyes to sleep
And take me out to sea
Now at last
I feel my body
Sinking fast
No thoughts of land or shore
From the ocean floor
Track Name: Recessive Traits
Time out of mind
And money that’s well spent
Some novel accident
Comes to you
They can’t decide
Or navigate the winds
All the troubles you depend
On to get through

Marigolds too late
Waiting for the wake

Into your life
They stole and took your worth
Every second since your birth
You’ve been crying
They count the ways
You take mirrors off the wall
Have no confidence at all
In trying

All the blind mistakes
And recessive traits

One day will come
There’ll be flowers in the room
And petals in full bloom
And you’ll go there
Waking warm glow
Shed off this second skin
And let your life begin
And you won’t care

Miracles too late
Waiting for the wake

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