Palette (2002​-​2017)

by Night's Bright Colors

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released November 7, 2017

songs by jason smith

strings on 'Secret Smile' and 'One Star Saint' by Lauren Brown
bass and ukulele on 'One Star Saint' by Josh Rhinehart
drums on 'Beautiful Disguise' by Darren Stroup

mastered by Adam McDaniel, Drop of Sun Studios Asheville, NC


all rights reserved



Night's Bright Colors Asheville, North Carolina

Night's Bright Colors is the recording project of Asheville, NC-based musician Jason Smith.


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Track Name: Blue Eyes/Love In The Asylum
From far away, still like diamonds,
These blue eyes shining for you
And every day you try to find them
But something hides them from view
You know there was a time, a faded memory
Before the pills, and halls, and bells
Now the world is night and calming fantasy
And full of stories I can’t tell

The bars and gates in windows keep us in and put away
The stars are drifting, brightly shining through the spaces anyway
And I’ll find a way to turn it back in wonder
Save your pills at night and hide
Now it’s time for the next one
Across the hall I hear your voice and as I whisper
The faces on the wall disappear and scatter
And I’ll find a way to turn it back in wonder
He’s coming back to see, quiet now
It’s time for the next one
The golden moment that the twilight mirror named
Into the evening window soft the half light came
Paints like stained glass, red, yellow, gold, and green
And makes instead the world something from your dream
Track Name: The Art Of Misdirection
It's always the same a stranger sits down at the game
Quick always to blame a danger nobody can name
He begins with luck and warm reception
And ends abrupt with cool deception
It's always the same a stranger sits down at the game
Here's the art of misdirection
The slightest sleight escapes detection
And everybody's recollection stirred, and then it gets turned

Go down with the ship all the tight smiles and loose lips
And cracking the whip, knuckles white as they lose grip
Deceives and lies like a sailor's morning
Well-red skies and without warning
Go down with the ship, all the tight smiles and loose lips
Fake a fall for sympathetic vote
An apology on a parenthetic note
Now you see it now you don't

The lie within belief
Charms everyone

One hand culling the wreck and the other is stacking the deck
And if you should check, there's just enough there for your neck
A line of soft and easy invention
Draws and quarters your attention
One hand combing the wreck and the other one's stacking the deck

Here's the art of misdirection
A flashing smile completes the lesson
And getting up in full possession
A dazzling leave
Track Name: Secret Smile
It comes in waves you recognize the sound it makes
When you feel its falling down
With the scented summer rain
A soft parade of light
That bends the flight of a casual line
Try to spend the right kind of valuable time
There’s a place the city dreams of ocean side
And moonlit miles
There’s a face so pretty lonely seeks to hide
A secret smile and
I can see you brave against the sparkle of life
Why cut ties that bind a philosophical Knife
Luck defends the promise that you try to break
And makes it strong
A trip against the fortune that you try to make
And makes it wrong
A fine cruise feels and falls and oh what a surprise
Its time to seal the wall on what the lottery buys
Track Name: Portland
And my surprise and delight was clear when you called today
You could picture my amazement and frame it from 400 miles away
And the rain on your face, a trace of some forgotten tear
And the skies are grey, they'll stay until you find me here

There’s a kind of feeling you know so well between your smile and tears
You find the weight of detail and you tell it before it disappears
And if the weather would change for you there’ll be another choice to make
You’re writing empty pages, a book about the promise I will break to see You
Track Name: Little Lies
Little lies of a true false nature you can bend
Bitter tries too soon I bet you're going to spend
All your time moving around your town
They say goodbye when you come around
If you're never lost then you'll never be found
All your day you spend your money on a debt
A winner's trade that's only hanging by a thread
They tell me that you've lost your nerve
You never had it from what I’ve heard
Quiet desperation from the second word go
There's a cost to the lost-cause order you defend
And the boss of a holy-roller I intend
To put them back all the things you took
A crooked smile with a sideways look
I can read your cover like an open book
Like the voice of a lost child crying in the woods
There's a choice and a conversation that you could
Save an image that is black and blue
But all you tried was trite and true
There's a final bell and it rings for you
Track Name: One Star Saint
Crushed between, only in a dream
Oh when the thought caressed me
Touched my eye, caught me by surprise
But then like a bomb you dropped me

You are the One Star Saint
Always coming around
With secrets that you found
You could stop the day
With the lovely way
You wink and tear apart
Before it even starts

Pillow winds, everything depends
On how misunderstood your smile is
Hopes that fly and shift against the sky
Remind me of the time before this

You are the One Star Saint
Always coming around
With secrets that you found
You could stop the day
With the lovely way
You wink and tear apart
Before it even starts

Finding ways of slowly keeping pace
The clouds give depth to the sky
Brings a tear and then familiar fear
Absence makes your heart too shy

You are the One Star Saint
Always coming around
With secrets that you found
You could stop the day
With the lovely way
You wink and tear apart
Before it even starts
Track Name: Collide
You stole this heart of mine
It beats no second time
One cold alone forgotten day
In the most casual way
A strand of hair across my face
In an otherwise crowded place
The trace you left a fragrant spill you tried to hide I keep it still
Many years have passed away
It took too long to say
And you were gone before you heard
And took the breath that formed the words
Since that night I’ve had to wait
Wondering if it’s too late
To say the stars that hide and steer you
Collide when I am near you
And anyone can tell you have eyes so soft they hardly ever see
And it just might be that the world adores you
Track Name: Beautiful Disguise
I’ve seen the world in all of its rare beautiful disguise
Will I be the one that’s out of sight or out of mind?
I feel my thoughts, emotions racing fast
You tell me that it’s never going to last
I know it always seems to disappear from here
Before I ever let it get too near
I’ve seen the sky come crashing over and cover everyone
Still somehow left you standing, staring at the sign
It’s picturesque they’ll jump your coattails and ride
And circle around the ones you divide
You speak to them in so many ways, they say
They’re hoping that you never go away
Now with head and feet back firmly on the ground
They’ve found because of you a better world around
Track Name: Penelope Tree
Swing girl
Looks just like Penelope Tree
Flared skirt
The kind you find on Carnaby Street

Sweet bird
Buys the latest sensible thing
See her
(Sparkle on the tip of her wing)
Finding all the prettiest rings

Crushed red velvet at Chelsea
her Northern eyes will stare
Leaves alone by Lambretta
says she wasn't there

Swing girl
Fashions in the style of Quant
See her
Dancing to amphetamine dawn
Track Name: Sallisaw
Where the sun dims yellow
Paints like picture day glowing
Out in the fields
A red head cartwheels
His back a silhouette black
And eyes on the next tract
Says this too will pass and
Nothing can last
And I can break your big wall down
Break your big wall down
This man that goes before me
And cradles his story
In powerful hands
Drug through the sand
Says i can fill with stars your crown
Fill with stars your crown

Still the latest night
Dreams of early light
Circle again and when it stays to morning into

Sudden change in weather
Breaks us untogether
And everything
Covered in green
Falls away too soon
A forced hand to move
He turns again
And speaks of when
He will fill with stars your crown
Fill with stars your crown
Track Name: Woke Up
Woke up above a deep blue summer day
We’re swimming in the golden rays
Like lights caught in the clouds
Don’t stop we’ll catch the stars like fireflies
We’ll cast the net across the skies
We’re slowly floating down
Shine rings around the sun
Time and space undone

Woke up I was counting angels on your head
While you were dreaming in the bed
And find it doesn’t end
The gold cup watering the holy ground
The tears are shimmering the oldest sound
The kingdom that’s within
Shine rings around the sun
Space and time undone
Track Name: Family House
From the backseat the open road
That falls away with every post
You turn around to see
The family house you have to leave

And all the things you wanted to say
Twist and come out some different way
You ask your mom to please
Take you back to where you know so well
It still comes in dreams

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